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Quick and easy-to-sew quilted pot holders with ribbon loops and buttons.
They are durable and lightweight and tested in my own home.
They are so much fun and they make fabulous gifts – one size fits all kitchens!

This is a great project for recycled cotton fabrics, too!


(For Two Pot Holders)

• Printed Cotton Fabric 45″ Wide – 3/8 yd
• Solid Cotton Fabric 45” Wide – 3/8 yd
• Warm & White Cotton Quilt Batting – Craft Size 34” x 45”
NOTE: Some fabric stores sell this batting by the yard 90” wide,
you will need 3/8 yd if you find this available.

• Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape 1/2” wide – 2 yds
• Ribbon 3/8“ wide – 10”
• Two 5/8” Buttons
• Thread to match both fabrics and bias tape
• Fray Check or clear nailpolish (to seal cut ends of ribbon)

Ruler, marking pencil, fabric scissors, paper scissors, tape,
straight pins. Cutting mat and rotary cutter are optional.

(Finished size is 9″ x 9″, machine washable.)

Tip: Always read pattern instructions through to the end before starting a project.
Step 1: Wash, dry and press cotton fabrics.
Step 2: Cut 10”x 10” squares from fabrics and batting as follows:

• 2 squares of printed cotton fabric
• 2 squares of solid cotton fabric
• 6 squares of Warm & White cotton quilting batting


Step 3: Use your ruler and fabric marking pencil to draw quilting lines 1” apart on the right side of your solid fabric square.


Step 4: For each potholder, layer fabric squares in a quilt sandwich as follows:

Bottom: Printed fabric, right side down
Middle: Three layers of Warm & White cotton quilting batting
Top: Solid fabric, right side up with quilting lines visible


Now you are ready to sew! Troubleshooting Tip:  If you experience skipped stitches, your needle may not be sharp enough. Try a brand new needle, I recommend a size 90/14 quilting needle. If your needle breaks, try loosening your tension and make sure you are not forcing the fabric through the feed. DO NOT backstitch when sewing, it is unnecessary and could cause needle bending or breakage.

Note:  You can use different colored threads when sewing, if you like. One spool on top and another color on the bobbin, you can even use a third color for the bias tape. I love contrasting thread on solid fabrics!


Step 5: Stitch through all layers of your quilt sandwich along the center quilting line, then stitch along all other quilting lines in opposite directions to prevent twisting of your sandwich layers (see picture below).


Step 6: Print Template Part 1 and Template Part 2 then cut out the pieces as directed and tape together.  Place template on top of your quilted square, aligning the center line of the template with the center quilting line.  Pin in place and cut around template.


Step 7: Press quilted circle with a hot iron. If necessary, tidy up the edges by trimming with sharp fabric scissors.


Step 8: Starting at the top center, stitch bias tape in place around the edge of your circle. Be sure to check the underside of your work frequently to make sure you are catching both sides of the bias tape. When you reach the beginning again, snip the length of bias tape to overlap the beginning and finish off by sewing a few stitches past the end.

Note: If you are having trouble evenly stitching through both bias tape layers, try loosely hand-basting the bias tape to the edge of your quilted circle before you machine stitch it into place.


Step 9: Cut two 5” lengths of ribbon and apply Fray Check or clear nailpolish to the cut ends. Let dry and then fold one piece of ribbon (as pictured below) and tack in place with a sewing needle and thread at the top center of your pot holder where the bias tape edges overlap. Sew button securely through all layers.

Repeat Steps 5-9 for the second pot holder and you’re all done!

Aren’t they pretty? Enjoy!

Easy Quilted Pot Holders © Veronica O’Neil 2011

This pattern and any products made from this pattern are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and may not be sold or distributed without my permission.

Pattern support and sewing help are always available: voknits@gmail.com