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My replica of Johnny Rotten’s classic punk sweater as seen on the Sex Pistols’ infamous 1976 Bill Grundy interview on the local London TV show Thames Today.

Pattern and photos coming soon – check back for updates!

Infamously, on December 1st 1976, less than a week after the release of single Anarchy In The UK, the legendary punk rock outfit appeared on the live, early evening local London magazine show Thames Today, and in doing so propelled themselves to fame and fortune, while simultaneously burying the career of the show’s host Bill GRUNDY.

Intended as a probing interview designed to investigate the blossoming moral abyss which was Punk, the segment degenerated into farce when the allegedly boozed-up GRUNDY goaded the already sweary Pistols – Johnny Rotten, Glenn Matlock, Paul Cook and Steve Jones, joined by an entourage which included Siouxsie Sioux – into ever more hilarious outpourings of half-mumbled profanity.

WARNING: The link to the video contains uncensored language.