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Inspired by the elegance of fall, I combined two of my favorite things to knit (stripes and mitts) to create these fancy snake-bellied gauntlets. Worked from the top down, back and forth to the wrist, these snug-fitting mitts knit up quickly and will keep your arms cozy while you slink through your day or night.

Slither: FREE

Knitty | Fall 2008

Model: Emma Roberts

Tips For This Project:

SLITHER CHART to help with decreases, buttonholes, and stripes.

• To avoid having to buy a second skein of MC, you can substitute one strand of very closely matching worsted weight wool you may have in your stash when working the cuff. Though, in all honesty, a nearly-whole skein of Cascade 220 is never unwelcome in my house.

• Buttons can also be attached as-you-knit, then reinforced on the wrong side during finishing.

• Shown here with Dill Buttons #D379 (5/8”) and #D381 (7/8″) purchased at Michael Levine in Los Angeles.